IMV Direct Coupling

IMV Direct Coupling

IMV’s Direct Coupling top cover can work with any test chamber. More
Vibration testing cabinets, WT3-V, WK3-V, Weiss

WT3-V and WK3-V Vibration testing cabinets

The vibration test chambers WT3-V and WK3-V series will enable you to simulate dynamic processes as well as the associated combined mechanical and thermal / climatic stresses that act on components and devices. More

WT-V, WK-V, vibration test chambers

Vibration test chambers WT-V/WK-V

Vibration test chambers for simultaneous testing of the influence of vibration, temperature and temperature changes as well as humidity, e.g. on components in the engine bay of vehicles. More

Vibration test system, test chamber

Vibration test system, test chamber, test fixtures …

Everything you may need for the environment simulation testing of products. Vibration test systems integrated in climate chambers, self-designed and constructed testing equipment, test grippers. More

Compact vibration test system, M-series

Vibration systems combined types M series

Vibration testing can be combined with a chamber to evaluate expose parts and rapid temperature variation, commonly used in the pharma, automotive, aerospace industry. Dedicated chamber for m-series can provide function and durability testing during. More

Combined climate and vibration simulation system

Vibration test system combined with climate chambers – Product List

Industrial products are exposed to environmental impacts, which are climate and physical environmental impacts. These are not separately impacting, but in intricately intertwined way as a combined stress. More