The Worlds first fully automatic ECO vibration test system

The Worlds first fully automatic ECO vibration test systems – VIDEO

Reduce your carbon footprint – Upgrade your amplifier to get the complete set of benefits. Lower your noise emission. Save up to 80% on running costs. – Remote system diagnostics. More
Vibration test systems – Amplifier replacement

IMV Replace amplifiers

Customers wishing to take advantage of the ECO technology offered by IMV are able to upgrade their equipment through the ECO Replacement amplifier program. More

Electrodynamic test system, CO2 reduction effect, IMV Corp

Intelligent shaker manager – Energy saving test system

Due to the great contribution to the promotion of efficient use of energy, the technology of ECO-Shaker received the Chairman's award from The Machinery Federation in 2012. More

Optimized battery vibration tests

Optimized battery vibration tests

As electric and hybrid vehicles grow in popularity, the new systems they implement require new test techniques. More

EM series, energy saving vibration simulation test systems

Energy Saving Vibration Simulation System – EM series

The ECO-shaker technology developed by IMV and used in the ISM automatically minimizes the system’s power consumption and noise level (thus its environmental impact) according to the current performance need. More

Energy saving vibration test system

ECO upgrading of existing vibration systems – IMV authorized eco-friendly services

Reduce your Carbon Footprint. Save up to 80% on your running costs. Low your noise emissions. Improve your working environment. IMV's ECO-Shaker technology is also available via the refurbishing / upgrading of existing vibration systems. More

IMV Corporation, ECO amplifier

Replacement to ECO amplifier – special services

IMV have announced a further expansion of our ECO range of Electro-dynamic test Solutions by offering customers with existing Vibration equipment the opportunity to upgrade their test systems. More

IMV Energy saving vibration simulation test system

Energy Saving Vibration Test System – Products and Services

IMV Corporation was the first to produce an energy efficient shaking system in the world. The intelligent shaking head manager (ISM) reduces both carbon-dioxide emission and power consumption. More