K2+ New Vibration Controller

K2+ New IMV Vibration Controller

The K2+ is the latest vibration controller that has further evolved the usability and test performance of the K2. Network functions have also been enhanced, making it easier to connect to various devices, including personal computers. More
IMV K2 Multi-Sweep Sine, vibration controller

K2 Vibration Controller – Test time reduction with IMV’s multi-axis testing and K2 Multi-Sweep Sine

Two growing demands in vibration testing are more realistic testing (test realism) and shorter test times. IMV’s K2 controller and advanced vibration test systems support both these global trends. More

Black Box Mode

The Spiders are equipped with a Digital Signal Processor containing a fully uploaded algorithm. This enables the Spider to operate independently without support from a host PC. More

Vibration Controllers, Crystal

Crystal Instruments – Vibration controller and data collector – Product list

The Crystal Instruments vibration test controller supports all kinds of shakers, including large and small sizes of electro dynamic, hydraulic or even electrical driven shakers with superb control accuracy. More

Crystal Instruments Multiple vibration control systems for SpaceX

SpaceX orders multiple vibration controller systems from Crystal Instruments

Crystal Instruments Corporation recently received a large order from SpaceX for multiple high channel count vibration control systems. Each vibration control system will be bundled with advanced application software. More

Spider 80X dynamic measurement systems, Crystal Instruments

Spider 80X and 80Xi, expandable dynamic measurement systems

Crystal instruments expandable systems – Up to 512 Channels – The Spider 80X and Spider 80Xi dynamic measurement systems More

Crystal Spider-81C vibration controller

The Spider-81C vibration controller system

The Crystal Instruments Spider-81C vibration test controller is designed to connect directly to an iPad with its built-in wireless router. More

Spider-81, vibration controller, Crystal Instruments

Crystal Spider 81 Vibration Controller – Premium Category

The Spider-81 represents the fourth generation – fully networked, built on Ethernet with IEEE 1588 time synchronization. More

Crystal Instruments, iPad control

Crystal Instruments desktop software – iPad control

iPad version of Crystal Instruments’ is released powerful Engineering Data Management (EDM) desktop software. More

Crystal Spider-81B, vibration controller

Basic Vibration Test Controller System Spider 81B

The Spider-81B vibration test controller is developed to meet the requirements of basic vibration testing applications. More