Why are mechanical lifetime tests needed?

Product lifetime is impacted not only by environmental factors but also by daily usage practices which can be simulated with mechanical lifetime tests.

Vibration test systems

Mechanical load tests

A mechanical abrader enabling testing the wear resistance of swab symbols, and painted surfaces.

The Free Fall Tester enables simulation of guided impact on the surface of the tested product.

Product specific dynamometer, for pulling / pushing power measurement attached components, at room temperature.

Our product specific testing equipment can be used for life-cycle simulations under real or extreme conditions.

  • Endurance testing equipment for testing push-button products
  • Combined testing equipment for simultaneous testing of linear and rotating movement functions
  • Endurance testing equipment for testing push-button and linear functions in three axial directions

Laboratory tests are supposed to deliver reliable conclusions in the shortest possible time.
This is achieved via accelerated tests (i.e. the impacts of environmental and mechanical load sustained during operation are accelerated).