Integrated shaker manager the future of vibration testing

ECO-SHAKER – IMV's Patented Eco Technology

Integrated shaker manager, IMV

Increasing use of electronics and battery systems in vehicles has seen rapidly changing test specifications from the Automotive Industry

The development of the required test specifications has a consequent increasing demand on the vibration test system.

Conventional Vibration system

  • Field current and blower speed are always set to nominal values
  • This always gives maximum power loss in the field and blower
  • Only the armature power loss varies in proportion to the output force

Economical Vibration system

  • Durability testing requires less power than shock testing – a lot of wasted energy!
  • The actual power required for the test should equal input power.
  • Reducing power consumption in the shaker, reduces the cooling requirements, saving more power in the blower.
  • Reducing power consumption, reduces the temperature in the shaker, increases reliability and
  • reduces maintenance.

ECO-SHAKER Energy Manager

  • Power Management – Automatically controls the power needed to run a test
  • Energy Manager calculates CO2 Emissions savings for each test
  • Cost savings of power to run the test is automatically calculated
  • Eliminates wasting power when the system is in pre-test mode
  • Reduction in noise pollution is a major benefit

User Benefits – Energy saving

  • Reduced energy, CO2 and cost of operation
  • Reduced operating noise
  • Reduced heat into the surrounding
  • Improved system protection
  • Increased system lifetime and availability
  • Increased return on investment