CoCo 80/90 handheld data recorder, dynamic signal analyzer, vibration data collector

The CoCo is the first battery-powered handheld data acquisition system that matches the performance and functions of high-end systems.

CoCo-80/90, handheld data recorder, dynamic signal analyzer, vibration data collector

The CoCo delivers state of the art lab quality performance.
It excels in both dynamic and static measurements.

When used for dynamic measurements, the input channels offer an extremely high-quality dynamic range, signal to noise ratio, cross channel gain match, phase match, and spectrum flatness over the analysis frequency range. 
When it is used to measure static or quasi-static signals, it offers very high accuracy at DC or near DC frequencies.

The CoCo-80 is equipped with 2, 4, or 8 input channels and can accurately measure and record both dynamic and static signals. The flash memory can record 8 channels of streaming signals simultaneously up to 102.4 kHz. An embedded signal source channel provides various signal output waveforms that are synchronized with the input sampling rate.

For higher channel count systems, that are still portable, we also offer the CoCo-90 equipped with 16 input channels.



  • High quality data recorder, signal analyzer, and vibration data collector

  • Hand held, compact, light, and battery-powered
  • Qualified for rough operating conditions
  • 5.7" color LCD

  • Weighs less than 1.7kg

  • 2/4/8/16 input channels, 1 signal source

  • Up to 102.4 kHz sampling rate per channel

  • 24 bit A/D and D/A converters

  • 130 dB dynamic range

  • Stream recording for all channels at full speed
  • Over eight hours of battery use
  • Ethernet, USB, and SD Card

  • Hundreds of analysis functions including Time, Spectra, PSD, FRF/Coh, Phase, RMS, and others
  • Octave filters, order tracking, swept sine, limiting, histogram 

  • Route collection, Trending and Alarm, Coast Down/Run Up, Overall/Peak, and Rotor Balancing