Software update for the CoCo Vibration Data Analyser

A software update for the CoCo Vibration Data Analyser brings over 50 new features and improvements that will benefit all users.

CoCo software, Crystal instruments, vibration data analyser

The new features include

  • Recorded Data Review Easily navigate and view data recorded on the CoCo
  • Zoom FFT Analysis Perform detailed spectral analysis on a narrow frequency range
  • Nyquist Plot View Nyquist and Polar plots in Order Tracking projects

The interface has also been updated to make it easier to use and more powerful.

In addition, there are numerous smaller improvements, including

  • Improved support for Barcode Scanners
  • Listen to two input channels simultaneously with a headset
  • Display limit criteria in Octave analysis
  • Calculate damping in Frequency Response Functions
  • Better cursor display
  • Time-domain averaging
  • Password control
  • Use pictures in Vibration Data Collector mode

This update is available now to all customers with current subscriptions.