Spider 20 wireless dynamic signal analyser and data recorder

The four input channel Spider-20, with one output and one tachometer channel, boasts built-in wireless connectivity, 6 hours of battery power, and iPad compatibility with Crystal’s EDM app for iOS, which is included in each sale.

Crystal Spider 20 dynamic signal analyzer, data recorder
The full dynamic signal analysis function of EDM, the PC Windows version, is available for purchase. The hand-held Spider-20 is self-contained so it can function independently of a PC, and the battery is interchangeable to accommodate limitless hours of field work. 

This compact and powerful dynamic data acquisition system has been designed for a wide range of in field testing solutions.

Crystal Spider 20 dynamic signal analyzer, data recorder, i-pad

An extensive range of software tools are available on the Spider-20 via Crystal Instruments EDM software including

  • Frequency response functions
  • Order tracking
  • Octave analysis and Sould Level Meter (SLM)
  • Time waveform recording
  • Automated schedule and limiting testing
  • Shock Response Spectrum Analysis (SRS)