IMV ECO System – Traditional vibration test systems

Shaker systems have always been designed as individual components; amplifier, shaker, cooling fan, controller.

IMV ECO shakers

When operating a conventional vibration test, the user programes the required vibration profile and once the profile is entered, starts the amplifier, then runs the test from the controller. The shaker system and the controller are operated separately.

As the shaker system starts, the field power is set to the nominal (maximum) rating and the blower runs at the nominal speed (50Hz or 60Hz). Even without a test started, the shaker system is consuming significant power. As the vibration test starts, the armature power is increased to achieve the required force rating.

The force produced by a shaker is proportional to the product of the field current and armature current. As the field current reduces, the armature current must increase to maintain the same force level. This means that there is an optimum operating point of minimum energy consumption in the system for any required force rating which can be achieved by correct balancing of the field current and armature current. Minimizing energy in a system is desirable both from the point of view of cost saving and also long-term reliability, less system energy means less system stress!

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