Why is IMV’s ECO System so quiet?

In minimizing the energy used by IMV’s ECO-shaker to run any particular test, then the cooling requirement is also minimized. Not only does this save energy, but it also means that for most tests, the ECO System is quiet.

 the IMV ECO System is quiet

Air-cooled shaker systems are sometimes criticized for the level of blower noise, but IMV’s ECO-system solves this problem.

For low force tests, the cooling blower automatically runs at a reduced speed and the total system noise level is much reduced.

When the shaker is running at full force, the noise from the shaker table exceeds that of the blower and the blower noise is not an issue.

Many of IMV’s customers are buying the ECO-system for the noise reduction alone and the energy saving is an additional benefit!

The figures below show the measured sound levels of IMV’s i260 shaker (rated force 54kN) when operating in the ECO-power saving mode.

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