Energy Saving Vibration Simulation System – EM series

The ECO-shaker technology developed by IMV and used in the ISM automatically minimizes the system’s power consumption and noise level (thus its environmental impact) according to the current performance need.

EM series, energy saving vibration simulation test systems

Energy Saving Technology – EM-series – ECO Shaker
The same way as a car does not run continuously at the maximum design speed, generally, the vibration test systems do not operate at their maximum design output level.

Power consumption of traditional systems is high even when those are idle or operate at a low power; like we would keep the rpm of our car’s motor high even when the car is stopped or makes a low speed only.

The IMV ECO-shaker technology enables maintaining automatically the possible lowest power consumption and noise pollution – and hence environmental load – of the system, always adjusted to the momentary power requirements.

The 2 simplest components of this complex technology

  • Regulation of the power consumption of the filed coil as the function of loading
  • Regulation of the power consumption of the cooling system as the function of loading

IMV Corporation, ECO auto-monitoring technology

A typical testing system covers one or more electrodynamic shakers, amplifiers, vibration controllers, fixtures, acceleration sensors, optionally a vibrating table with one, two or multiple axles, as well as a multi-channel measuring data recording system, and special controlling / analysing software programmes.

Our systems are available combined with a climatic chamber to fit complex environmental strength tests, too.

By integrating the elements of the ECO-shaker technology (controller, amplifier etc.), existing traditional vibration systems may be also turned into more energy conserving ones!

Go Green with ECO shaker
IMV is the producer of the first energy saving vibartion system worldwide.
The Intelligent Shaker Manager (ISM) will reduce carbon di-oxide (CO2) emissions and electrical consumption.

IMV Corporation, ECO vibration test system

Why is it worth buying?


  • Output and operation equalling those of traditional vibration test systems

  • Fully automatic operation

  • Lower power consumption, lower cost and more environment aware operation
  • Lower extra heat generation, lower noise level
  • Lower CO2 emission, lower environmental load

  • Due to lower noise operation a more pleasant working environment

IMV Corporation, ECO vibration test system

ISM-EM ECO-shaker, IMV Corporation