Intelligent shaker manager – Energy saving test system

Due to the great contribution to the promotion of efficient use of energy, the technology of ECO-Shaker received the Chairman's award from The Machinery Federation in 2012.

Electrodynamic test system, CO2 reduction effect, IMV Corp
Energy saving type vibration simulation system 
Dynamic Simulation Systems consume a lot of electricity. IMV has developed environmentally friendly products which minimise the required electric power and cut down electric consumption and CO2 emissions.

Automatic energy saving 
ECO-shaker is an electro-dynamic vibration test system in which the output of the power amplifier, power input to the vibration generator and cooling blower speed are automatically optimized, according to the payload and test requirements.
Complicated manual settings are no longer needed.
Changes in the operating environment or in test level are accommodated without operator intervention. 

Simple confirmation of reduction of CO2 and electricity consumption 
When combined with the IMV 'K2' vibration controller, the ECO-shaker system computes and displays electricity savings in real-time. A report of energy consumption can be produced after each test. 

Operation of ISM-EM (Power consumption) 
Minimizing the energy consumption of a conventional vibration test system would require complex calculation and adjustments to suit the test requirements. The Integrated Shaker Manager (ISM-EM) technology incorporated within the ECO-shaker system automatically controls the power amplifier output, field level and blower speed to achieve the maximum efficiency under all test conditions.
Intelligent shaker manager, IMV Corp

Upgrading existing systems 
ISM-EM technology can be added to existing IMV vibration test systems by installing the ISM-EM module and additional software. Contact IMV or your local distributor for further information and delivery.

Improvement of working conditions 
Ensuring the vibration system is operating efficiently not only saves money; it also can reduce noise levels and heat dissipation into the workplace. This improves the working environment and can simplify initial installation.

Contribution to the environment 
Many countries have introduced legislation, such as the Clean Development Mechanism in the Kyoto Protocol,
and the EU Energy Efficiency Directive, obliging businesses and their products to be more energy efficient.
The IMV ECO-shaker systems help to meet these regulations.