Crystal Spider 81 Vibration Controller – Premium Category

The Spider-81 represents the fourth generation – fully networked, built on Ethernet with IEEE 1588 time synchronization.

Spider-81, vibration controller, Crystal Instruments

Unlike traditional vibration test controllers that rely heavily on an external computer for real-time operation, the Spider-81 is the first vibration controller that directly integrates time-synchronized Ethernet connectivity with embedded DSP technology.

This configuration provides much greater flexibility, reliability, configurability, and scalability than before.
Using advanced technology unique to us, it has performance and features not seen in any other product.


  • DSP centralized design with simple network connection
  • 4 - 1024 input channels with excellent phase match
  • PC-tethered mode or standalone Black Box mode
  • 24 bit A/D and D/A, 130 dB input dynamic range
  • Integrated IEPE output, charge amplifier, AC/DC coupling, TEDS
  • Continuous recording for all channels at full sampling rate
  • AC or DC power – Isolated digital I/O – Bright LCD display

Vibration Controllers, Crystal