K2 Vibration Controller – Test time reduction with IMV’s multi-axis testing and K2 Multi-Sweep Sine

Two growing demands in vibration testing are more realistic testing (test realism) and shorter test times. IMV’s K2 controller and advanced vibration test systems support both these global trends.

IMV K2 Multi-Sweep Sine, vibration controller

IMV has long been established as the world leader in test realism through simultaneous, multi-axis and multi- point vibration generation, combining the K2 multi-axis controller and advanced shaker systems. Creating simultaneous multi-axis vibration better replicates the real-world, these techniques also significantly reduce test time. K2 is a high performance vibration controller that offers excellent controllability in both single-axis and multi-axis, realising excellent waveform replication and cross-axis control over a high-frequency bandwidth.

Test time reduction has been pursued through random vibration, accelerated testing. “K2/Fatigue” employs tailoring or fatigue methods to develop a fatigue test. A new trend growing in popularity among the leading European automotive manufacturers to reduce test time is ‘’multi-sweep sine’’. A traditional wide-band sine sweep is divided into several narrower-band sine sweeps, which when added together combine to cover the original wide band. Running the narrow band sweeps in parallel significantly reduces the test time required. IMV has recently upgraded its leading K2 controller with this true multi-sine functionality.

IMV K2, K2 Sprint vibration controllers