Wide Frequency Band Type Vibration Test Systems VSH series

Space-saving vibration test systems suitable for performing bench pad tests.

Compact vibration test system, VHS-series

Vibration controller: Enables complicated vibration tests being coupled with the vibration controller.
The specifications under bare table condition. The maximum acceleration decreases when accelerometer and mo unting adapter are mounted.

Except Model CE-7144 system, IMV supplies many calibration syst ems such as for seismic sensors,
vibration monitoring system sensors.
Highly accurate sensor calibration systems are also availble.

Power supply voltage 1 phase 100V AC 50/60Hz ±10%
Power supply required is 3-phase 200/220/240/380/400/415/440V,5 0/60Hz.

Votage Down.Transformer [Step-down Transformer] is required for other voltage.