IMV shakers – Short-term delivery and flexible financing – Rent or hire purchase

The IMV provides you with a special service: Currently some of our shaker models are available at short notice and we offer flexible financing models. More

Air cooled vibration test systems, A22

A series is the “new standard” in vibration testing, with a solid test performance. – A22/SA2HAM and A22/EM2HAM. Test systems provides a maximum of 3.5m/s shock velocity testing. More

Air cooled vibration test systems, A12

A series is the “new standard” in vibration testing, with a solid test performance. – A12/SA1HAM and A12/EM1HAM. A series gives good balance between specification of velocity, acceleration and displacement. More

Latest addition to IMV’s A series supports manufacturers – A74

In 2016 the number of electric cars on the planet topped 2 million, with sales leaping 60% on the previous year. More

IMV Distributors meet at a conference in Bergamo

Business results and future projects were discussed by IMV staff, Amtest-TM and 44 distributors from all over Europe at a conference in Bergamo, Italy, in mid-October. More

IMV successfully launch their new A65 Vibration test system at the Automotive Testing show

The A65 can also be purchased with IMVs award winning ECO Technology that enables customers to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. More

Electrodynamic vibration test systems A-series in Stuttgart's Automotive Testing Expo 2016

IMV Corporation, the world 's leading electrodynamic vibration test systems manufacturer introducing newly launched 30kN and 60kN A series shaker in Automotive Testing Expo 2016. More

IMV 's A-series vibration test system debuts in the Europe

THP Systems Ltd announced the UK (Letchworth) release of the world leading A-series vibration test system product line from IMV Corporation. More

Single axis, high grade range vibration test system A-series

IMV single axis shaker A series – Electrodynamic vibration test system – A new standard created by listening to our customers. A wider range of test requirements and higher test specifications. More

NSC have invested in IMVs ECO technology – 54kN Combo vibration test system

Nacelle Systems Consultancy Ltd (NSC), UK chooses IMV Corporation for the supply of a 54kN Combo vibration test system to be installed in their Newry, N.I. test facility. More

The new, extremely silent family of noise free shakers – SAREX (Squeak And Rattle Exciter)

Noise excitation is very important for checking the noise quality of vehicle components or complete vehicles. We measure stress scenarios at a reasonable price and with competence for any vehicle component. More

Installation requirements air-cooled vibration systems from IMV

Installation requirements vibration systems: power supply, pressure air supply, environment, sables and hoses, preliminary work, additional points that might be relevant during the planning and should be considered More

Conditions for installation of IMV air-cooled vibration test systems

Shaking tests require a 3-axis vibration profile and 3 axial fixture. The lowest test frequency would be 1 Hz. What are the conditions for installation of vibration test systems? More

IMV opens a new UK Manufacturing Centre to support its European Expansion strategy

IMV has opened a new Manufacturing Centre, with full test capabilities, in Shepreth, Cambridgeshire. The Centre represents a substantial investment in IMV’s operations outside of Japan and will underpin its ongoing European growth strategy. More

IMV release K2 Vibration Controller Guide with details of troubleshooting and remedies

easy-to-read instructions for the K2 Vibration Controller – technical details, extensive information on hardware and software and the possible applications of the Controller More

IMV’s energy saving vibration system with high shock vibration power modules

IMV is a leading manufacturer of electrodynamic (ED) vibration simulation systems and IMV’s ECO‐Shaker automatic energy‐saving vibration test systems have been installed by many major automotive manufacturers including Honda and Nissan. More

IMV Corporation demonstrate 100g-11m/s Shock Test utilising their “High Velocity Shock” Software

The ISM software has the ability to automatically adjust the operating condition of the shaker to increase the shock velocity capability of a standard system – velocity rating of a standard system to be increased from typically 2.2m/s to 3.5m/s. More

What is the aim of vibration and shock testing?

In order to design and construct more reliable products, it is highly recommended that vibration and shock tests be incorporated in sample or finished product tests. More

Pioneer solution in energy efficient and dynamic test systems

To develop or invent industrial products with high reliability, measurement results can be used to feed back into product design. More

Wide Frequency Band Type Vibration Test Systems VSH series

Space-saving vibration test systems suitable for performing bench pad tests. More

Compact Vibration Test Systems PET series

Vibration test systems suitable for a variety of bench pad tests including laboratory equivalent test conditions. More

Versatile Test Line up for Medical Equipment, MV Shaker – M series

Vibration testing can be combined with a chamber to evaluate expose parts and rapid temperature variation, commonly used in the pharma, automotive and aerospace industry. More

IMV Vibration Test Systems – Compact Type – Product list

Compact, versatile, space-saving stationary vibration test systems More

Transportation Vibration Simulation System CV series

High Lateral Support Stiffness enables CV-series to Accommodate Various Types of Specimens. Suitable for simulation of vibration loads which large-sized packed products are exposed to during transportation. More

Multi purpose Air Cooled Type VS series

Precise and Versatile Variation The VS-series is a general-purpose, versatile system that precisely commodates certain intended uses. More

High Excitation Force Water Cooled Type 
K series

Higher achievable performance rate and significantly lower noise level compared with other conventional air-cooled systems. More

Large Displacement Type J series

The J-series is a high-functionality system that offers usability and durability furnished with functions that accommodate high velocity and large displacement testing. More

High Grade Type I series

Enhanced Performance will Expand Test Range Vibration tests have become diversified and specifications have become increasingly strict. The i-series offer a user-friendly lineup with enhanced performance and durability. More

IMV Single-Axis Vibration Test Systems – Product category

Vibration tests have become diversified and specifications have become increasingly strict. We offer a user-friendly lineup with enhanced performance and durability. More

What is vibration? – What is the need for vibration measurement?

Measuring vibration. What can we find out by measuring vibration? 
Let's find out the significance of vibration. More

What is vibration? – Generating vibration and vibration testing

Why do we need artificial vibration generation? 
Let's learn purposes and importance of vibration testing. More

What is vibration? – Fundamental concept of vibration

Have a look at the unknow world of vibration – Fundamental concept of vibration. Why does vibration happen? 
Why do you need vibration measurement? More

IMV Corporation Products – Areas of Applications

Always developing vibration test systems - IMV dynamic simulation systems have been developed with "intelligence" in mind and endeavour to support customers testing. More

IMV System Category

Vibration tests have become diversified and specifications have become increasingly strict. Our offer a user-friendly lineup with enhanced performance and durability. More