IMV shakers – Short-term delivery and flexible financing – Rent or hire purchase

The IMV provides you with a special service: Currently some of our shaker models are available at short notice and we offer flexible financing models. More

K2+ New IMV Vibration Controller

The K2+ is the latest vibration controller that has further evolved the usability and test performance of the K2. Network functions have also been enhanced, making it easier to connect to various devices, including personal computers. More

3-axis electrodynamic test systems – New in Europe

The technology described here has already been used in many sites in Japan and more widely in Asia with more than 200 installed systems. This 3-axis technology is the workhorse of the Japanese automotive industry. More

The new, extremely silent family of noise free shakers – SAREX (Squeak And Rattle Exciter)

Noise excitation is very important for checking the noise quality of vehicle components or complete vehicles. We measure stress scenarios at a reasonable price and with competence for any vehicle component. More

IMV 30kN, simultaneous 3-axis shaker system installed and operating in Bertrandt's TestLab – VIDEO

IMV Corporation are the leading provider of Electrodynamic Vibration Test equipment and can offer a comprehensive range of solutions including both Multi Axis and traditional single axis test systems. More

IMV opens a new UK Manufacturing Centre to support its European Expansion strategy

IMV has opened a new Manufacturing Centre, with full test capabilities, in Shepreth, Cambridgeshire. The Centre represents a substantial investment in IMV’s operations outside of Japan and will underpin its ongoing European growth strategy. More

Cutting edge Technology for 10000Hz High Frequency

As Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) have become a practical choice for consumers, the trend in automotive development is changing from “engine” to “electric motor”. Optimised 10kHz vibration testing. More

K2 Vibration Controller – Test time reduction with IMV’s multi-axis testing and K2 Multi-Sweep Sine

Two growing demands in vibration testing are more realistic testing (test realism) and shorter test times. IMV’s K2 controller and advanced vibration test systems support both these global trends. More

Innovative Technology – Vibration Testing with Hybrid Shaker

IMV has developed a unique technology which couples together the high displacement capability of an ac servo motor with the high frequency capability of an ED shaker. More

IMV release K2 Vibration Controller Guide with details of troubleshooting and remedies

easy-to-read instructions for the K2 Vibration Controller – technical details, extensive information on hardware and software and the possible applications of the Controller More

IMV’s energy saving vibration system with high shock vibration power modules

IMV is a leading manufacturer of electrodynamic (ED) vibration simulation systems and IMV’s ECO‐Shaker automatic energy‐saving vibration test systems have been installed by many major automotive manufacturers including Honda and Nissan. More

What is the aim of vibration and shock testing?

In order to design and construct more reliable products, it is highly recommended that vibration and shock tests be incorporated in sample or finished product tests. More

IMV 6DOF Simultaneous Multi-Axis Test System

The System from IMV will be used to test a wide range of Automotive interior parts, from components up to full Instrument panels and seat assemblies. More

Innovative Technology – Hybrid Vibration Test System

While the majority of global vibration test equipment manufacturers continue to produce vibration systems in the traditional way, IMV leads the global industry thanks to its revolutionary world-first Hybrid shaker technology. More

Pioneer solution in energy efficient and dynamic test systems

To develop or invent industrial products with high reliability, measurement results can be used to feed back into product design. More

Large Scale 6DOF Vibration Test Systems TS-9600-40L

Remarkable Technology with 6DOF Simulations More

6DOF Simultaneous Multi-Axis Test System

The 6DOF System features 8 off ED Shakers that can be controlled either individually or simultaneously. More

6DOF type Tri-axial Vibration Test Systems TS-2000S-15L

Superior technology that enabled 6DOF type excitation Realistic vibration testing can be achieved using multi-axis system to recreate actual real-life situations. More

Wide Frequency Band Type Vibration Test Systems VSH series

Space-saving vibration test systems suitable for performing bench pad tests. More

Compact Vibration Test Systems PET series

Vibration test systems suitable for a variety of bench pad tests including laboratory equivalent test conditions. More

Versatile Test Line up for Medical Equipment, MV Shaker – M series

Vibration testing can be combined with a chamber to evaluate expose parts and rapid temperature variation, commonly used in the pharma, automotive and aerospace industry. More

IMV Vibration Test Systems – Compact Type – Product list

Compact, versatile, space-saving stationary vibration test systems More

2 Axis Sequential Vibration Test Systems DC series

Improvement in Test Efficiency, Improvement in Work Efficiency Multi-axis shakers allow customer to test payloads without the need to rotate the vibrator in different directions or moving the test piece. This set-up provides efficacy to the end user. More

2 Axis Simultaneous Vibration Test Systems DS series

Aiming at "Reproduction of More Realistic Vibration" Multi (Simultaneous) Vibration Test Systems is mainly used for "Reproduce More Realistic Vibration" as a goal. More

3 axis Sequential Vibration Test Systems TC series

Improvement in Test Efficiency, Improvement in Work Efficiency Multi (Sequential) Vibration Test Systems is mainly used for "Improvement in Test Efficiency, Improvement in Work Efficiency" as a goal. More

3 Axis Simultaneous Vibration Test Systems TS series

Aiming at "Reproduction of More Realistic Vibration Multi (Simultaneous) Vibration Test Systems is mainly used for "Reproduction of More Realistic Vibration" as a goal. More

IMV Multi-Axis Vibration Test Systems – Product category

Multi Axis Vibration Test Systems is mainly used for "Reproduce More Realistic Vibration" as a goal. More

What is vibration? – What is the need for vibration measurement?

Measuring vibration. What can we find out by measuring vibration? 
Let's find out the significance of vibration. More

What is vibration? – Generating vibration and vibration testing

Why do we need artificial vibration generation? 
Let's learn purposes and importance of vibration testing. More

What is vibration? – Fundamental concept of vibration

Have a look at the unknow world of vibration – Fundamental concept of vibration. Why does vibration happen? 
Why do you need vibration measurement? More

IMV Corporation Products – Areas of Applications

Always developing vibration test systems - IMV dynamic simulation systems have been developed with "intelligence" in mind and endeavour to support customers testing. More

IMV System Category

Vibration tests have become diversified and specifications have become increasingly strict. Our offer a user-friendly lineup with enhanced performance and durability. More

Six-Degree of Freedom Multi-Axis Demonstration Event Announced by IMV Corporation

THP Systems Limited and IMV Corporation are pleased to invite you to an free open day event that will show case the Simultaneous Multi Axis Vibration Technology from IMV. More