Air cooled vibration test systems, A22

A series is the “new standard” in vibration testing, with a solid test performance. – A22/SA2HAM and A22/EM2HAM. Test systems provides a maximum of 3.5m/s shock velocity testing. More

Air cooled vibration test systems, A12

A series is the “new standard” in vibration testing, with a solid test performance. – A12/SA1HAM and A12/EM1HAM. A series gives good balance between specification of velocity, acceleration and displacement. More

Latest addition to IMV’s A series supports manufacturers – A74

In 2016 the number of electric cars on the planet topped 2 million, with sales leaping 60% on the previous year. More

IMV Distributors meet at a conference in Bergamo

Business results and future projects were discussed by IMV staff, Amtest-TM and 44 distributors from all over Europe at a conference in Bergamo, Italy, in mid-October. More

IMV successfully launch their new A65 Vibration test system at the Automotive Testing show

The A65 can also be purchased with IMVs award winning ECO Technology that enables customers to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. More

Electrodynamic vibration test systems A-series in Stuttgart's Automotive Testing Expo 2016

IMV Corporation, the world 's leading electrodynamic vibration test systems manufacturer introducing newly launched 30kN and 60kN A series shaker in Automotive Testing Expo 2016. More

IMV 's A-series vibration test system debuts in the Europe

THP Systems Ltd announced the UK (Letchworth) release of the world leading A-series vibration test system product line from IMV Corporation. More

Single axis, high grade range vibration test system A-series

IMV single axis shaker A series – Electrodynamic vibration test system – A new standard created by listening to our customers. A wider range of test requirements and higher test specifications. More