Electrodynamic vibration test systems A-series in Stuttgart's Automotive Testing Expo 2016

IMV Corporation, the world 's leading electrodynamic vibration test systems manufacturer introducing newly launched 30kN and 60kN A series shaker in Automotive Testing Expo 2016.

A series vibration test systems launched, IMV
A-series has already been successfully sold in the Japanese market throughout 2015 and now is the time for its European launch!

The new A-series features seven new vibration test systems that have a force range from 3kN to 65kN and have extended displacement and shock operating parameters.

IMV’s award winning ECO technology can also be incorporated across the entire A-series range making this product release one of the most important in the industry.

In a few weeks we will be showcasing an A65 and an A30 in Stuttgart’s Automotive Testing Expo 2016.
Vibration test systems A-series in Automotive Testing Expo