THP Systems announce sales partnership with PCB Piezotronics Ltd

THP Systems and PCB Piezotronics Ltd announced today that they have entered into a sales partnership whereby THP Systems can now offer a range of PCB® products to their customers.

 PCB Piezoelectric accelerometers

“THP Systems are pleased to partner with PCB® going forward and this agreement allows us to offer the complete solution for THP Systems Vibration test product line“

“We can now offer our customers the full range of Vibration test systems and the addition of PCB® sensor products enables our customers to purchase a “one stop” solution, which includes Vibration Test Systems, Controllers and Accelerometers”

“THP Systems has recognised the need of some of our customers to have a flexible approach to upgrading their older systems over time, with the recent announcement that IMV have extended their ECO technology to include an upgrade path for other manufacturers systems, this partnership with PCB® will enable us to offer further upgrades of the control loop with our Vibration controller and data acquisition partners, Crystal Instruments”