OCIAN – Checking the noise quality

OCIAN – objective classification of instationary annoying noises - squeaking, rattling, groaning or cracking in a noise orchestra with background noises, as it is typical with street excitation.

OCIAN Checking the noise quality, ZINS
Checks of the quality of noise require objective assessment standards for the subjective degree of annoyance caused by noise. In the past, a lot of time and energy has been invested in the development of software that evaluates noise by the same standards, and correlates with the customer's mean subjective experience.

The result of this development is OCIAN. OCIAN stands for "Objective Classification of Instationary Annoying Noise" and has been patented throughout the world. In a parallel process, the N10-Zwicker Loudness, which is equally covered by OCIAN, has become established in the market.

Both assessment standards are integrated in the standards of many OEMs, eg BMW PR 311.2, TP JLR-00-187 or according to similar norms.

The examination can be performed in-line or off-line
In-line means that the examination takes place in the assembly line.
Off-line means that the test rig is not set up in the line, which is normally the case with systems and components.The reasons for this are the high cycle rates and the short available time for the automated performance of the test. 

ZINS not only supplies the components for these test rigs, it provides all design services for in-line and off-line test rigs.